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Honeycomb candle 26x2cm Honeycomb candle 26x2cm...detail
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The wick trimmer<br />A wick trimmer is specially shaped to fit over the lip of your candle holder, allowing you to trim any candle wick with ease - even candles in a tall glass. Trimming the wick removes any charred or mushroom-shaped tips, ensuring a fresh and even burn. This can be done at any time, even while the candle is burning, though in most cases it will have to be re-lit. <p>The wick dipper<br />The dipper is a thin metal rod with a hook on one end. It is used to extinguish candles by pushing the burning wick down into the melded wax pool, putting out the flame while minimizing any smoke produced. It may then be used to pull the wick back up, ready to be lit the next time. This has the additional advantage of re-coating the wick in a thin layer of candle wax, which will help it light up more easily while guarding the wick -thus prolong the life of the candle.</p><p>Advantages of using the wick trimmer:<br />Much longer candle burn time.<br />No smoking flame.<br />No dripping/leaking candles.</p><p>Advantages of using the wick dipper:<br />No candle wax splashing when blowing out the candle.<br />Condition of the wick remains excellent as with a new candle.<br />No weak burning due to a partially charred wick.</p> The wick trimmer
A wick trimmer is specially shaped to fit over the lip of your candle holder, ...detail
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Candle snuffer gold coloured 25cm Candle snuffer gold coloured 25cm...detail
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